Many banks now offer attractive loan terms and conditions for Federal Public Servants

This has become a great opportunity for those who need money and seek less bureaucratic financial processes.

So, find out what the SIAPE payroll loan is and how it works.

With a number of personal lines of credit available on the market, it is hard to know which one will actually meet that particular need with affordable terms.

However, there are recommended lines for each type of case, since it has more advantages, such as payroll deductible loans .

The SIAPE payroll is the loan automatically deducted every month from the Federal Public Servants payroll (SIAPE)

Some of the benefits of SIAPE payroll are:

  • Release without consultation to SPC or SERASA ;
  • Lower interest rates;
  • Extended terms for payment;

Therefore, this is the credit modality indicated for those seeking attractive conditions and for the ease of having the direct debited payment of the salary.

Find out now who can apply to take advantage of these benefits.

Who can apply for the loan?


Any active or inactive Federal Public Servant, Retiree or Lifetime Pensioner may request one or more direct discount loans on their paycheck.

These are those people who act or who have already worked with the Federal Government, but not all positions and categories are eligible for payroll, as shown below:

Permits and categories allowed and not allowed

The covenants allowed are:

  • Active permanent;
  • Retired;
  • Cedido;
  • Redistributed;
  • Permanent asset law 8878/94;
  • CBM / PM reform;
  • Reserve CBM / PM;
  • Assigned YOUR law 8270.

Agreements not allowed are:

  • CLT – Celetistas;
  • Commissioners;
  • Temporary Contractor;
  • Surplus to stocking;
  • Position holder in Commission;
  • Required;
  • Other Organs;
  • No link;
  • Intern;
  • Broad recruitment;
  • Gratificados;
  • Fostered;
  • Curatelado;
  • Designated without and with quinquennials;
  • Service provider;
  • Amnestied ADCT CF;
  • Amnestied Public L10559;
  • Amistad Private L10559.

The amounts released can reach up to six times the amount received monthly . Taking into account that the salaries of public servants are above the minimum wage, the amount released is generally higher than that offered in other lines of credit.

The value of the parcel can only be discounted if it is within the consignable margin of 30% for discounts.

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Learn how the other characteristics of the consignment for SIAPE work.

How does the Federal Public Server Consigned Loan work?

The payroll loan for Federal Public Servants works similarly to other loans, with the exception of automatic payroll deduction.

SIAPE payroll can be paid in up to 96 months with maximum nominal interest rate of 2.05% per month .

Thus, it is still possible to compare which bank offers rates lower than the ceiling, before deciding which bank to hire.

In all cases, it is important to evaluate the Total Effective Cost, which is what should actually be paid in the contract.

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The release of credit for Federal Public Employee is carried out via SIGEPE (which replaced SIAPE, also called Siapenet) . Access to the system of issuing the paycheck can be done by SIGAC .

To hire SIAPE payroll, you must:

  • Be at least 18 and at most 80 years old (the policy may vary at each bank);
  • Have free consignable margin;
  • That the employer body (paying source) has an agreement with the bank of interest;

The limit on the money released will depend on the assignable margin. So it is important to know how to calculate the percentage of income that is already committed to other loans and what is still available (available margin).

If you still do not know what your margin is, take the time to calculate it now.

How to calculate the allowable margin

The SIAPE chargeable margin can be calculated from the paycheck. The paycheck can be consulted in printed format or in digital format, from the SIGEPE Server and Pensioner.

In SIGEPE Server and Pensioner or SIGEPE mobile it is possible even to access the preview of the paycheck.

For access to SIGEPE, a specific password, for personal and non-transferable use, obtained from SIGAC is required.

The calculation of the assignable margin can be carried out as follows:

The Federal Server may have listed a number of variable amounts in its paycheck, such as: supplementary minimum wage, supplementary pension or proceeds, pro-labore of success.

However, to calculate the margin, these values ​​are disregarded.

Thus, the available assignable margin can be calculated from the net salary, as shown below:

If a federal civil servant has a net salary of R $ 15,250 and payroll loans that currently total R $ 3,350, the available assignable margin is R $ 1,225, which may be the portion of a single contract or several contracts.

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As the installments of the current contracts are settled, the value of the free margin increases .

You can also consult the SIAPE margin online, quickly. In addition to simulating and comparing the conditions of the banks to evaluate the best offer .

In case there is no available free or zero margin, it is possible to contract the payroll deductible credit card, which uses the exclusive margin of 5% of net income .

Consignment Card

The payroll card allows the Public Employee to make purchases, purchase products and services and to pay the installment or postponement of the payment of the debt, by the next closing date of the invoice.

The value of benefits must likewise be paid every month. But unlike conventional cards the minimum amount is automatically deducted from the paycheck every month .

This means that the surplus balance should be paid via ticket. In case of non-payment, the interest on the revolving credit, which, although they may frighten, is lower than the other credit cards.

Two of the great advantages of paycheck card are: the interest rate, which can be up to three times lower than the conventional credit card and the possibility of withdrawal of the limit value, which releases money immediately.

The SIAPE consigned card is approved after the endorsement (on average up to 3 business days).

It is possible to use credit and consigned card at the same time , but the recommendation is to be used only when really necessary, not to extrapolate the budget.

Both the credit and the consigned card can be hired, without bureaucracy. Loan contracts can still be refinanced or ported to other banks with lower rates.

Check what documents are required to contract this credit line.

What are the documents required for the contracting of the consignment?

To contract the credit or consigned card, the Public Server must present the documents accepted by the banks , such as:

  • Personal documents (RG and CPF);
  • Proof of residence (recurring service account in the name of the holder);
  • Updated contracheque; and
  • Consignee authorization (issued via SIGEPE).

Since 2006 the Federal Public Servant that contracted payroll deductible credit has to expressly authorize the deduction in the paycheck, through a system of people management of the Federal Executive Branch (SIGAC).

The standard complements Decree No. 8,690 / 16 published in March 2016, which detailed the guidelines on the management of consignments.

For portability, you must also have the data on the current contract as: installment value, number of installments, value of installments, remaining balance, Total Effective Cost among others.

This information will serve as a basis for the new bank to make an assessment of the financial operation.

Therefore, to take advantage of a loan you need to know all the offers that banks offer. Thus, it is also possible to identify the right credit for the current need.

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