What is endorsement in the payroll loan agreement?

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But after all, what is the endorsement in the payroll loan agreement and what is its importance?

The process of consigned loan goes through several phases, one of them being the endorsement: acceptance of the paying agency or institution, to authorize the discount on the paycheck or payroll .

The endorsement is the reserve of the amount of the monthly installment of the consigned loan in favor of the bank.

In the endorsement, all the conditions of the loan contract are also recorded: such as the term, interest rate, Total Effective Cost, within other information.

This is to ensure that what was hired is effectively fulfilled. In addition, of course, to bring transparency to the borrower, paying source and the bank.

In order for the credit to be released in the account of Retirees, INSS Pensioners, Public Servants, Military and Workers of private companies , it is necessary that the operation be registered. Therefore, the faster the endorsement is performed, the faster the money is released.

Take the opportunity to know how the endorsement of the contract is performed, in each type of agreement.

How is the payroll register recorded?

As the paycheck is discounted in the paycheck all the proposals are evaluated and also checked by the specific payer source.

Therefore, in order to contract a loan of this kind, it is necessary that the institution responsible for payment has an agreement with one or more banks. Understand, this stream below.

Today, all this process is carried out electronically, through online systems:

retirees and pensioners

The authorization of the consigned loan for INSS beneficiaries is made via DataPrev . The INSS endorsement is intended to first confirm that the policyholder is an insured. And then the lending operation itself.

Federal Public Servants

The Federal Public Servants contract (SIAPE) is signed by SIAPE or SIGEPE (Integrated System of Human Resources Administration), which is accessed by the Federal Government’s Access Management System ( SIGAC ).

State and Municipal Public Servants

The payroll loan of State and Municipal Servers is endorsed by the Human Resources Department of the employers’ bodies.

Generally, the systems used for this are the same systems that generate payroll or integrated systems. This also applies to Inactive Servers, Retired or Pensioners.

In some cases, authorization must also be generated prior to registration. Consignment authorization for Public Servants can be issued by SIGEPE .

Employees of private companies

Employees of private companies

Conducted by the company’s Human Resources Department. The system is usually the same used for payroll or an integrated one.


Performed by the CPex (Payment Center of the Army), via SIPPES, SIAPPES or SISCONSIG.

The endorsement is only made after the data transmission by the bank and information is sent by the paying source. It is also subject to the availability of assignable margin .

The payroll loan process for INSS beneficiaries has some specific rules. The credit can only be contracted in authorized banks, for example.

To avoid irregularities, the loans must be contracted compulsorily in the state in which the Retiree or Pensioner resides and receives the benefit.

What is unskill?

The mismatching of the margin or contract can occur in two cases:

  • Discharge from the contract : release of the margin that was entered in the loan, after the discharge of the contract.
  • Portability or refinancing : when the previous contract is written off or settled and replaced by another.

In the case of portability of credit or refinancing in another bank, the current bank is required by law to do the unscrewing. The new contract must go through the same process of annotation.

The term of the disavowal, usually is of two days in average, but can vary according to each situation.

How to know if the payroll was recorded?

How do I know if my paycheck was registered?

While the contract has not yet been entered, its status can be considered as “awaiting endorsement.”

The credit confirmation or denial occurs when the paying source returns the return of your valuation to the bank. This process is carried out from the transmission of data, which gives the acceptance or disapproval of the credit .

If everything is correct with the contract, the money is released almost automatically into the borrower’s stated account.

Otherwise, when it is not possible to record and the loan is denied, the borrower must also be informed of the reasons or disagreements.

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Among the main reasons for the non-credit crunch are: divergent information, irregular documentation, internal restriction on the bank of interest.

The non-registered contract can be submitted to a new analysis, however, the most recommendable is to evaluate before the possible reasons of the refusal. Thus, it is possible to optimize time and have the payday loan money faster.

How long does the endorsement take?

Being all right as to the previous phases and prerequisites for obtaining paycheck-deductible loan, the contract registration takes an average of 24 to 48 hours for a new contract after the signing of the contract.

The deadline for portability is up to 15 days, considering the process of undoing and registering the new contract (because it is a debt transfer).

What to do to get the money back faster?

As a mandatory step, the endorsement impacts directly on the timing of the release of the money in the account.

Streamlining the steps of simulation, credit analysis and approval , contracting and signing the loan consigned to online processes, for example, can help reduce this time.

Other important points are always to check the personal data in the proposals and contracts, besides providing only correct information and documents that can prove the legitimacy of the data.

Although, in some cases, the deadlines for releasing the money can be considered superior, the wait tends to compensate.

Especially for the advantage of interest being cheaper and for the ease of having the credit discounted into account.

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